How to Save Money on Your Insulation Costs

How to Save Money on Your Insulation Costs

Sign up for an insulation rebate program in Northridge & Chatsworth, CA

You know your attic needs more insulation, but what about the installation costs? You're already spending so much on your energy bills-how can you afford an insulation installation, too? Energy Pro Insulation has the answer: an insulation rebate program.

The LA insulation rebate program is a five-year program available to Northridge & Chatsworth, CA homeowners that started in 2018. It's meant to help homeowners in Los Angeles County increase their energy efficiency by means of improved insulation. Energy Pro Insulation can help you apply for this rebate and drastically reduce your insulation installation costs.

3 good reasons to take advantage of the LA rebate program

The LA insulation rebate program is available to those living in a detached single-family home or a multi-residential home, such as a duplex. You'll want to take advantage of the insulation rebate program if you live in Northridge & Chatsworth, CA because:

1.It subsidizes the cost of materials, labor and other expenses used in the installation process.
2.It can help you save anywhere from 15% to 30% annually on your energy bills.
3.It won't be around forever, so you need to sign up before the program ends.

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