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Don't Let Air Escape Through Your Attic

Ask about our blown-in attic insulation services in Pasco, WA

If you're tired of paying sky-high energy bills each month, consider making your home more energy efficient. While the prospect might seem daunting, it starts with a simple attic insulation installation. Energy Pro Insulation is an authorized contractor for Pasco, WA and the surrounding region insulation rebate program. You can count on our insulation contractor in Pasco, WA to help you get most of your insulation costs covered. We'll perform your blown-in insulation installation with precision and care.

Contact Energy Pro Insulation today to learn more about our energy-efficient insulation services in Pasco, WA and the surrounding 100 miles. Our team of professionals can complete the installation process in just a few hours. We'll be sure to clean up behind ourselves.

Does your home need insulation?

It's not always easy to tell whether your house in Pasco, WA actually needs more attic insulation. That's why Energy Pro Insulation performs free home inspections. Our insulation contractor will check your attic and let you know whether you can benefit from additional insulation.

Still on the fence about scheduling an inspection? To find out for yourself whether your attic needs energy-efficient insulation, look out for these signs:

  • Your home won't stay at a consistent temperature
  • Your energy bills spike in winter and summer
  • You've recently cleared out an animal infestation from your attic
  • You feel a cold draft when you walk into certain parts of your home

Call 509-873-4366 today to find out what Energy Pro Insulation can do for your home. We'll drop by to perform a free inspection right away.